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    ‎What does same-sex marriage do for homeless queer youth? What does it do for the trans people being murdered in the streets? What does it do for the poor, of which many, many are queer people of color? Who does all this same-sex marriage stuff really benefit?

    Until we stop giving value to certain kinds of relationships over others, until we stop projecting our personal values onto the lives of other consenting adults and making laws about it, until we stop being distracted by the crumbs that the few people in power throw at us so that we are too busy fighting over them to see that the actual pie is still forever off-limits to us, we’ll never break down these oppressive systems that let a few people through the door just so they can help hold it closed to the masses of people still being kept on the other side.


  2. I realize that the quality of my blog greatly corresponds with how many of renna’s posts I Reblog


  3. how about i just give up on having a good relationship with anybody and just dig myself a hole to die in


  4. babies c’mon if I don’t do something funny soon it will just be like I’m watching renna sleep an that would be not good